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Horizon Wealth Advisory is a boutique wealth management Brisbane firm dedicated to offering a suite of financial services to help you get your finances under control.

Our personal financial advisors will evaluate your current financial state and work with you to set out clear and achievable financial goals. We aim to streamline and simplify your finances and help you make smart financial decisions that will positively impact your future

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Our Brisbane financial advisors offer the following financial services:

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Cash Flow Management

If you find yourself struggling to maintain a budget or you simply feel like you should be saving more of your income, one of our Brisbane financial advisors may be able to help. After conducting a thorough analysis of your current cash flow, our wealth management Brisbane team will work alongside you to organise an effective and comprehensive cash flow structure and design a budgeting plan to suit your lifestyle.

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Income Protection Cover

Despite it not being the nicest topic to talk about, personal insurance is a form of wealth management that should be seriously considered if you want to ensure you and your family continue to enjoy the same standard of living in the event an unfortunate circumstance occurs. As a leading Brisbane based financial services company, our wealth advisors ask the right questions to understand your circumstances and offer guidance on the best personal insurance options available. 

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Retirement Planning

To prepare for the transition into retirement, it's beneficial to have a thorough look into your superannuation, assets, and current income streams. Our professional team of Brisbane financial advisors will work alongside you and your loved ones to form a comprehensive plan to help you transition seamlessly from the workforce to enjoying a secure, comfortable and well-deserved retirement lifestyle. Speak to one of our specialised Brisbane financial planners today to find the right solution for your future.

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Wealth Creation

Growing wealth and investing requires a thought-out strategy and should be focused on the longer-term. By working through a savings plan and educating and guiding you on your options, our personal financial advisors will assist you with making informed decisions that will help grow your wealth to set you up financially. We will provide advice on a range of investment options including shares, property, fixed income, managed investments, and superannuation. Our goal is to ensure any investment strategy is tailored to your circumstances and will help you build financial security.

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Business and Financial Planning

If you co-own a business, it’s important to put in place a clear action plan in the event someone leaves the business or a new person joins. A buy/sell agreement or a ‘business will’, is a contract that protects a person if their business partner is unable to fulfil their position - whether it’s through injury or passing. Similarly, ‘key person insurance’ is another option for protecting your business if similar circumstances were to occur. You can chat with one of our personal financial advisors for more information about how you can protect the future of your business.

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Binding Nominations - Estate Planning

If you want your assets to be distributed to certain parties or under certain guidelines, our personal financial advisors can help organise an estate plan. An estate plan is especially beneficial if you have a self-managed super fund or if you require complex family arrangements. Our specialised wealth management Brisbane team can work closely with an estate planning specialist to ensure money passes to your beneficiaries in an efficient and tax-effective way.

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Personal Insurance

Protect what matters most with personal insurance from your trusted Brisbane financial advisors. Our policies help provide financial protection against unexpected events, such as accidents, illnesses and disability. Safeguard your assets and protect your loved ones with a personalised insurance option designed to fit your unique needs. Allow us to be your trusted partner in your financial future, and gain peace of mind knowing the future will be bright and secure.

Workplace Financial Wellness

We are the independent financial advisor Brisbane business owners turn to for personal finance education and employee skill development. Through our financial wellness programs, we will help your workers make informed decisions about loans and other financial products, while also avoiding common financial pitfalls. Together with our personal financial advisors, your employees will learn to build wealth and secure a prosperous future.

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